I.V. Fluid Infusion Set with Flow Regulator

I.V. Fluid Infusion Set with Flow Regulator

Intravenous fluid infusion set with Flow Regulator to regulate the flow of IV fluid.

  • Designed to control flow rates from 5 ml/hr – 250 ml/hr manually.
  • Sharp, spike for easy insertion.
  • Roller clamp for regulating fluid flow rate.
  • Self sealing latex bulb for drug administration.
  • Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic .

Technical Specifications

Product specification (cm.) Drops per ml. Tubing length (cm) Packing Ref. No. Qty. in carton Inner/ Outer
I.V infusion set with airvent, y-site, DEHP FREE tubing, Graduated flow regulator and small C-clamp 20 150 Paper pouch 441322G 25/350

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