Multi Extension Line with Needle Free Valve

Multi Extension Line with Needle Free Valve

Features & Benefits: 

  • Small bore multiple extension sets.
  • Needless Luer access ports provides virtually zero residual volume and high flow rates.
  • GlolinnTM is light weight with an easy rotating Luer lock which reduces the chances of pulling and kinking.
  • Designed for multiple drug delivery.
  • Valve features a straight-through, minimal dead space.
  • Use of GlolinnTM reduces the chances for catheter/cannula related complications and improves the patient comfort.
  • Low priming volume enable small-volume infusions.
  • Silicone sealing membrane with slide clamp.
  • Available in UNO, DUO, TRIO.
  • Dehp free.
  • Latex free.


GLOLINNTM is designed to meet the needs of general I.V. therapy. The ability of needle free connector is to prevent contamination of fluid path.

 Available in: UNO, DUO, TRIO
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