Percutaneous Introducer Sheath Set

Percutaneous Introducer Sheath Set

Sheath Used For The Placement & Removal Of Vascular Catheter.

  • Medikit Introducer Set is used in wide ranging applications from interventional
    radiology to interventional cardiology.
  • Primarily used to introduce balloon, electrode, diagnostic and other catheters into
    femoral vessels for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention in the coronary
  • Each component has been scientifically designed and developed with utmost
    engineering precision keeping in mind the myriad requirements of clinicians
  • Involved in interventional procedures.

Technical Specifications

SheathDialatorRef. No.Qty in carton (Inner/Outer)
Size (Fr.)I.D-O.D (mm.)Effective Length (mm.)Colour codeI.D-O.D (mm.)Effective Length (mm.)Colour Coding
5.01.90 / 2.40110Light Grey1.15 / 1.80150Light Grey4860052G5/50
6.02.30 / 2.80110Green1.25 / 2.15170Green4860062G5/50
7.02.65 / 3.15110Orange1.30 / 2.45170Orange4860072G5/50
8.02.95 / 3.45110Grey1.60 / 2.80170Grey4860082G5/50


Introducer CannulaSpring Guide Wire
GaugeO.D (mm)Effective Length (mm.)O.D (mm)Length (cm.)
18 G1.27700.9545
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